What is a Trusted Advisor?

In technology, a Trusted Advisor is someone who customers can count on to really listen and show that we are ready to take a journey with them to solve their toughest business challenges.

What does this mean to you as an IT Leader?

Fact:  “35% of IT spend is occurring outside the department, a figure expected to grow to 44% in three years. Alarmingly, only 11% view IT as a developer of new services, and 14% see IT as a driver of new business initiatives. More encouraging, 40% of those believe IT is “strategically important,” up from 35% in 2011.” (TechRepublic May-June 2013)

The future of IT is about being a trusted advisor. IT will never be able to control all of the IT spend or dictate what people use. In this new app economy, the key role evolves to become a trusted advisor to the business on issues of security, risk, pooling of buying power, and how to use new technologies to deliver competitive differentiation in the market. It is all about our customer. IT leaders must be able to demonstrate how technology, apps, and services can fuel revenue, secure more customers, help to enter new markets, develop new products and services, and create exciting and rich customer experiences.

As your trusted advisor at HTG 360, we help IT leaders research, demonstrate, accelerate and shine.

HTG 360 “HTG” as your Trusted Advisor…

At HTG, we put our clients’ needs first.  Building a relationship rather than focusing on the outcome of the business at hand is the number 1 priority.  We build trust by making clients by empowering our clients to feel like solutions and vital decisions come from them.

At HTG we understand the “Why”…

As your appointed trusted advisor at HTG, we go beyond meeting our clients explicit and obvious needs by developing a deeper understanding of their implicit, and often hidden, needs.  By understanding and asking the right questions, we are able to establish a relationship where we can proactively manage our client’s pain points, inevitably building a stronger relationship based on trust.

Being “Credible” is the only way….

At HTG, we bring the experience, education and the understanding of a subject matter expert by maintaining current certifications, knowledge, and experience that enable our client superior returns on investment. Being our clients trusted advisor means understanding shifting priorities and upcoming changes in the IT landscape.

Don’t make “Promises” that we can’t deliver…

As an industry expert and a trusted advisor comes the ability to be incredibly valuable when it comes to establishing a true connection.  At HTG, we understand trust is fragile, we bring reliability to the credibility.  So what does that mean?  “Say what you mean and mean what you say.” It doesn’t matter if we are a subject matter expert if our client can’t trust us, then we can’t deliver exceptional results.

Having an “Emotional Connection” empowers…

HTG, as your trusted advisor, we recognize, deal with and respond to our client’s emotions.  Providing empathy is key.  Treating our clients first and foremost as people, not as members of a group.  Providing understanding not only to provide support but also affirmation and appreciation.

We are “Committed” to the overall process…

As our client’s trusted advisor, at HTG, we are in it for the long-term relationship, not just for short-term gain.  Connecting with our client’s IT and business teams on all levels.   We help demonstrate results that are pushed down for the holistic success of our client’s business.


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Chris Ichelson

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Top Cited:

TechRepublic – May-June 2013



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