Vulnerability and Penetration Testing (VMaaS) Announced by HTG 360 Helps Client’s Proactively Identify Security Risks.

HTG 360 ( ), a Phoenix-based company, announces that Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing (VMaaS) is now being offered to businesses for as low as $300.00 per month. HTG 360 found that businesses are seeking a cost-effective way to eliminate security breaches and data leaks. Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing is the first step for an organization to start the process of mitigating risk, protecting company assets and showing the community that they are doing business with a proactive security plan.

HTG 360’s Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing will show client’s where currently security measures are lacking, where malicious activity could be present and what steps can be taken to prevent data breaches. HTG 360’s Security Team will provide monthly reporting that will describe what security issues are new to the network and what security changes are overdue.

Chris Ichelson, CEO of HTG 360 stated the following, “As an organization, we are very excited to offer our clients a solution that will help identify areas within their network that are most vulnerable to attack. Consumer’s need to be confident when doing business with organizations and HTG Security ( has provided the next step in showing our clients how to have a proactive security posture. I am very excited for this announcement as this helps provide a well-rounded security approach.”

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We are committed to working with our clients to be the only All-In-One technology firm offering a complete portfolio of Security, Network, and Cloud Products and Services. HTG 360 can deliver multi-level technology solutions for any client worldwide. Would you like to learn more about HTG and also discuss your security and data protection plans for 2015-2016? Contact us now at

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