Step 1: Look Under The Hood!

While a full feature set, a sexy look and an easy to use interface makes enterprises take a second look at any solution.  What differentiates quality engagements are vendors that understand what is UNDER THE HOOD.

Partner With Vendors That Understand:

1. Security & Risk – What is the risk associated and how much are you willing to accept?  Understanding this risk will help define a quality roadmap without overlap and overspending.

2. Integration Points – Where are we connecting/integrating and how?  Understanding the impact of the 5W’s is important here.

3. Extensibility – How will elasticity impact my current IT model?  Do I require results based on peak times?  Picking solutions that provide flexibility while enabling growth are key here.  Vendors need to transform and work at the speed of your business.  Not the other way around.

4. Reliability – How the employees in the weeds engaging daily and how they are impacted when enablement is disrupted?  Enabling “always on” technology gives your employees the tools required to win in the field and in the office.

5. Migration – Understanding the status quo, previous successful and failed deployments is key to a successful migration strategy.  A project management team that understands the impact of new technology is key here.  Engage those processes/steps with an understanding of the overall goal.

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