The First Steps into the Cloud

The cloud computing world is increasingly familiar and important for small, medium, and large businesses. Just this year alone, the market has grown by approximately 16.5%. Cloud is a competitive advantage, as well as a secure solution. It offers many core services such as Infrastructure as a Service and Desktop as a Service, but today let’s focus on how to ease into the cloud.

Two basic but important things to have within a business are effective communication and security of data.

These two can be easily accomplished with Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Disaster Recovery as Service solutions, which are both great first steps into the cloud.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

An easy first step into the cloud is RapidScale’s sophisticated CloudMail, or its Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution. Most organizations require business email, and moving this function to the cloud is simple and more efficient than traditional methods. CloudMail provides office workers efficient access to email, calendars, contacts, and tasks. They can be accessed on any device: laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and more. Communication is a key to success for employees and customers, and CloudMail provides the ability for real-time decision making, and constant communication and collaboration between a business and its employees or external contacts.

CloudMail enhances business-class email, and it also securely transmits sensitive data. It’s an easy-to-use solution that enhances productivity. Enrich your business with CloudMail at a lower cost than in-house Exchange, which only consumes your budget and IT team’s time.

With RapidScale’s cloud solutions you pay as you go according to your business’ needs, allowing you to scale up or down on your own schedule.

CloudMail doesn’t require a big initial commitment to the cloud, but it does offer many benefits:

100% uptime Service Level Agreement
U.S.-based support
Anti-spam and anti-virus protection
Unlimited Active Sync licenses
End-to-end administration
Cost efficiency
24×7 backup
Disaster Recovery as a Service

Don’t want to risk losing your data, ever? RapidScale’s Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, CloudRecovery, gives businesses the ability to quickly and easily recover from a disaster or emergency situation. It’s more than just a backup – it allows businesses to implement disaster recovery in the cloud to keep primary production servers, storage, and applications in secure and redundant infrastructures that can be up and running in no time following a disaster. Statistically, businesses without a disaster recovery plan in place that experience a data disaster are more likely to go out of business than those with a plan – so which situation would you rather be in if disaster strikes?

CloudRecovery ensures an easy way to recover and protect your business’ data from any site failures. RapidScale protects your critical data off-site in Tier 3, Class 1 data centers that keep your information safe and sound, no matter what the situation is. CloudRecovery maintains and secures your data for you, while you focus on running your business.

With your business data protected off-site, virtually, you can access any of your information via the cloud, or the Internet, creating a fast and secure way to keep track of your critical data. You no longer have to take on the responsibility of making sure nothing happens to your data – this management and monitoring are handled by professional cloud and disaster recovery experts, RapidScale’s cloud engineers.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery:

100% uptime, Fully replaces traditional disaster solutions, Remote protection, Scalability, Cost efficiency
Anywhere, anytime secure access to data and Reliability.

Staying connected and making sure your company’s critical data is covered are important considerations for any business – and it just happens that those important parts of keeping a business running can be easily managed in the cloud. Reap the benefits of freed up time, money savings, and boosted security that CloudMail and CloudRecovery give you. Once you take your first cloud step and realize how your business can benefit from this modern technology, you can look ahead and consider your next moves!


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