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Businesses of all sizes are realizing the benefits of cloud solutions and how they have the capability to improve efficiency, productivity, and functionality. Small and medium businesses (SMB) in particular play a huge role in the growth of the cloud market. According to Emergent Research, 78% of SMBs will be fully adapted to the cloud by 2020.

Cloud computing gives SMBs the opportunity to concentrate on their business strategy and development, rather than budget and management, offering a flexible and scalable platform.

Let’s review the benefits that cloud computing offers SMBs:

Reduced Costs

An important consideration for SMBs considering new technology solutions is cost. The cloud provides SMBs with significant savings by moving them over to the virtual world. Infrastructure is costly and can keep a business from growing, but the cloud allows SMBs to decrease power usage, IT and hardware requirements, installation, maintenance, labor and upgrade costs, and more. According to Cirrus Business, typically SMB cloud users spent at least 11% less on IT than non-cloud users.


One of the many benefits of the cloud for SMBs is the enhancement of collaboration. The cloud makes it easy to save, share, and access various files so employees can access the same master document, project or data 24×7, no matter where they are located. The ability to access files remotely allows SMB owners to manage and pave individual growth. Customer satisfaction is also increased by keeping customers informed at all times and employees effectively and responsive throughout the day.


The cloud enhances security for SMBs by eliminating the harmful results of hackers, viruses, and natural disasters that could occur. This protection comes from layers of network and physical government-grade security that weren’t previously accessible to small organizations. Losses due to failed technology, disasters or breaches can have massive effects on an SMB, even putting it out of business. Having a secure infrastructure in place in the cloud that allows you to operate 24×7 without a worry keeps an SMB up and running.

Productivity & Flexibility

Cloud solutions provide top-of-the-line servers and resources that offer great flexibility and productivity. Implementing virtual solutions hosted by a cloud provider increases productivity by offering users the ability to work securely on data in real time, from any location, on any computing device. This access to critical business data from any device is one of the most alluring cloud benefits. It makes it easier for SMBs to manage their business wherever and however, they please and ensures that users are no longer tied to one location. Increased mobility equals flexibility, and opting to implement things like BYOD really boosts productivity and can lead to further cost savings.

We deliver the most cost-effective solutions for the SMB market by leading your business down the path of innovation, growth, and success. Learn more about our cloud solutions on the Managed Services page, and see how we approach the SMB segment on our Industries page!


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