Summarize the impact of the NY DFS on your Security Posture?

At HTG (, we understand that you are already subject to oversight from multiple authorities, monitoring a mesh of requirements at the federal, state and local level. You need a consistent way to address them all, and you need to choose investments that will reduce operational costs, optimize compliance resources, cut process, and eliminate last-minute scrambling and frankly, headaches.

We’re here not only to help you navigate the newest set of cybersecurity regulations coming your way but to help you adopt an approach that scales in the face of future cybersecurity requirements.

4 Steps to Improving DFS Compliance

1.Encrypt all “nonpublic information held or transmitted” in the firm.

2.Restrict access privileges not only to systems but to the data itself.

3.Implement an audit trail system to reconstruct transactions and log access privileges

4.Provide for the retention and “timely destruction” of non-public information.

Interested in learning more about the impact NY DFS has in the USA and all industries.  We must understand that this is the first baseline for holding organizations accountable for protecting sensitive and secure data.