Moving Healthcare Into The Cloud

Many industries today are becoming more aware of the benefits that the cloud computing world provides. Cloud computing has become an important source of both reliability and a competitive advantage. It is an especially great option for an industry like healthcare.

83% of IT executives in healthcare organizations report they are using cloud services today.Healthcare organizations are known for storing massive amounts of data, and storing such critical data can be a lot easier with a cloud solution in place. It can provide a simpler way to collect and coordinate the medical data and workflow that is necessary, and facilitate safe storage and transfer of information between medical professionals and their patients.

A report conducted by Markets and Markets has predicted that the healthcare cloud computing market will produce $9.48 billion by 2020.

Moving Healthcare into the Cloud

According to a report conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 61% say cloud computing will be a decisive factor five years from now. More than half of organizations will be making the transition to the cloud, thus making it crucial for healthcare providers to have a strong understanding of what it can provide.

There is a new era evolving within the healthcare industry that involves the adoption of electronic healthcare records (EHR), which replace all the clutter that comes with using traditional methods of storage and documentation. Supporting EHR, the cloud helps unburden hospital IT departments. The ability to analyze and track information in the cloud helps improve treatments, boost performance, reduce costs, discover trends and more. The cloud serves as a new solution for the healthcare industry to help manage data and streamline processes.

Another positive impact of the cloud is the ability to create more efficient healthcare services and improve the doctor-patient relationship. Information that is geared towards a patient’s diagnosis and treatments can be made securely available from the touch of a button on any device, like a phone, tablet, computer, etc. 53% of healthcare employees use three or more devices for work already. Doctors can stay connected and collaborate accordingly with their colleagues and patients easily, freeing up their time to focus more on providing quality health care than on filling out paperwork or transferring files. Daily tasks like setting appointments, making referrals, or completing patient history can be completed anywhere at any time in the cloud.

Moving forward, cloud solutions offer the healthcare industry the tranquility of easily managing all critical data in real time. Cloud computing offers infrastructures that allow the healthcare industry to expand computing resources at a low cost while bringing down the barriers to innovation and modernization.

Privacy and Security

In the healthcare industry, security is of the utmost importance and at times can cause healthcare providers to take a huge step back when considering the cloud. However, with the right cloud provider, security shouldn’t be a cloud barrier. Solutions like ours include:

  1.  Client-side encryption of data
  2. Multi-factor authentication
  3. Data loss prevention tools
  4. Full credential limited access to data centers
  5. Biometric scanning systems
  6. Exterior security systems
  7. Around-the-clock interior and exterior surveillance monitor access
  8. Redundant HVAC systems


Guidelines are a given when dealing with protected health information. The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a U.S. law that healthcare organizations must abide by. It protects patient privacy by mandating and enforcing strict privacy and security rules on how medical information is being collected, used, and disclosed. Cloud solutions can help make it easier to meet HIPAA requirements, especially when you work off of HIPAA-compliant infrastructure like ours.

Cloud computing offers numerous significant benefits to the healthcare industry, providing a great opportunity to improve and grow services for patients and employees while adding great operational efficiency. Head to our Industries page to learn more about how the cloud can impact healthcare and other major industries!

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