User Security

HTG User Security helps your organization understand your user security access controls while still focusing on the business goals and needs to your compliance requirements (GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI).


It is key to the success of your organization to have a plan in place for control access to resources, assets data, and still providing the access to bill for services while keeping a forensic record. HTG 360 helps you identify and implement these process for your organization’s security and data success.


HTG 360 helps you manage and secure the technologies within your organization with use-case scenarios to give your organization the ability to implement federated identity management.


HTG 360 helps create a strategy for user accounts, directory integration and procedures through authentication processes.


Insider threats often come from unidentified employees who accidentally cause a security breach or compliance regulatory issue. Educating your users to be aware and engaged in your security policies and procedures is always going to be your first layer of success in any security environment. HTG 360 helps create a training and education model you can implement within your organization.