Network Security

Managing Network Security can be a challenge when you layer in the additional complexities of compliance, mandates, new services, performance optimizations and the requirement to evolve with the constantly changing landscape of technology.

HTG Security helps leading organizations like yours stay abreast of existing and new network security technology. HTG Network Security also helps organizations understand which improvements are right for your infrastructure.

HTG Network Security team will help your organization understand your security risks associated with your network.

  • Firewall/UTM/NGFW
  • Email and Web Security
  • DDoS Mitigation
  • Advanced Malware Detection
  • Secure Wireless
  • Secure Networking
  • Network Change Management
  • Remote Access
  • Network Access Control


Firewalls, next generation firewalls, and unified threat management are all a great starting point for security and network control, but knowing when and where to implement is our expertise. HTG 360 evaluates, designs and deploys firewall security solutions for clients all over the world.


With increasing levels of email reliability and www (web) usage, organizations must protect against attacks, spoofing and theft. HTG 360 helps you enable a process that will increase your compliance levels and mitigate your email security risk.


Including intrusion prevention (IPS) and intrusion detection (IDS) systems to control continuous exposure to threats that can easily penetrate traditional perimeter defenses is driving organizations to expand their layered security implementation model. HTG 360 helps organizations improve defense-in-depth capabilities by:

Assessing Your Exiting Architecture
Identifying Potential Vulnerabilities
Selecting Technologies
Implementing Solutions To Better Protect Your Enterprise


Changing the way your users work when accessing the network remotely is the greatest challenge. Implementing processes and device security with help mitigate risk.


With ever changing landscape of denial of service (DDoS) attacks have evolved to more damaging, more sophisticated and more targeted than ever. Mitigating DDoS attacks and their effects is essential to protecting your organization’s reputation and brand. HTG 360 helps organizations execute plans against DDoS threats without disrupting key network services across your enterprise with real time visibility into application activity and proactive monitoring.


HTG 360 helps organizations protect critical systems in an age of increasing network complexity. We help you manage your IPSec challenges, protect against attacks and manage your systems from the effects of malware and in return mitigating the risk of intrusion.


With the technology advances of criminal organizations, HTG 360 helps organizations like yours detect, prevent, and remediate malware and its effects. We enable you to take a more comprehensive approach to complete malware protection to more efficiently address attacks. Organizations are seeking more advanced solutions to move their malware defense programs beyond analysis to full protection and resolution.


Wireless networks are the key to businesses running within there network and also to there end users. Identifying the challenges of keeping a wireless network secure is always a challenge. HTG 360 helps you protect your wireless network and stay up-to-date on new advances in threats, security best practices, and the latest protection technology.


Organizations without a secure networking plan in place are risking the availability for an attack. HTG 360 helps you design, build and manage optimized network and security infrastructures to enhance performance, safeguard data and simplify management. Our security expertise and proven processes enable you to achieve maximum availability, security, flexibility and manageability across your enterprise.


Closing the business gap with change and Change Management while understanding the impact of change prior to implementation is essential to maintaining operations. HTG 360 approach allows you to ensure design integrity, security, performance and operations so that you can focus on business while not having to stay up at night second-guessing your security changes.


Protecting network infrastructure is a constant business battle. Network access control (NAC) helps you control access and manage threats to your network by continuously monitoring and mitigating security exposure. Deployments of NAC solutions, however, tend to get bogged down in network complexity and frequently suffer delays.
HTG 360 helps organizations like yours seamlessly integrate protections across wired and wireless networks, detect and control assets across networks and prevent the introduction of malware into your environment.