Data Security

System security is designed to prevent unauthorized programs, persons, or sub-systems from accessing, circumventing, disabling, altering or obtaining control of key system processes and resources. HTG will help your organization improve upon system security understanding your internal systems starting at the kernel level and moving outward to the application layer.

  • Anti-Malware
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Change Management
  • Systems Access Management
  • Host IPS (HIPS)
  • Secure Platforms
  • Secure Interfaces
  • Secure Storage


HTG 360 helps you select solutions to detect and prevent malware on servers and other infrastructure devices. Protecting against these threats allows your organization to minimize downtime and allows you to continue with your mission critical operations.

Vulnerability Management

Effective use of a vulnerability management program is key to your system health and security. HTG 360 helps you with identification, classification, remediation, and mitigation of vulnerabilities across your organization.

Change Management

Establishing processes and systems to manage changes to your environment is necessary to ensuring system integrity is our ultimate goal at HTG 360.


Encryption of data in databases and during transmission is an important technique to protect against loss of data. Horizon Technology
Group can identify what, when and how to encrypt data so that your company feels comfortable when data is in motion within or
leaving the network.


Our team can help put together a plan on how to define and apply appropriate access within your environment, whether integrating with Active Directory or another directory application we can assure a seamless transition.
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Host intrusion and prevention technology protects your systems from known and emerging threats.
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Implementing platform security helps simplifies security processes across your organization. HTG 360 can help your organization design secure platforms for today and into the future.

Secure Interfaces

Online banking and e-commerce, require a secure connection between the user and the interface. HTG 360 helps you increase your online integrity and in return keeping your organization from being the next national news story.

Secure Storage

Securing data no matter where you are located on the globe is a must in today’s world. HTG 360 can put together a comprehensive data storage plan that will help reduce your challenges and increase your data posture.