HTG 360 Announces a Plan to Identify Network Intrusion Attacks Faster and Without False Positives…

HTG 360 ( and our valued partner companies have identified behavioral security analytics as the main focus for enterprises globally. Corporations have been facing continuous struggles in finding solutions that can address Malware, Ransomware and Rogue Employees. By implementing adaptive behavioral analytics and tracking, organizations can now identify user profiles that are acting out of the ordinary. By building behavioral profiles for each user on an internal network, customers can over exceed traditional detection methods that other security products on the market offer.

Chris Ichelson, CEO of HTG 360 stated the following, “By giving our clients a product suite of customizable and adaptive security solutions, I am confident that more organizations will be seeking our expertise. Unlike anyone else in our market space, HTG 360 provides agnostic security solutions with an extra layer of expertise at no additional cost to our clients. Whether our clients are looking for an On-Premise, Hybrid or a Cloud solution, we can design and meet the requirements of any size company.”

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We are committed to working with our clients to be a single source for all Security, Network and Cloud Products and Services. HTG 360 can deliver multi-level technology solutions for any client worldwide. Would you like to learn more about HTG 360 and also discuss your security and data protection plans for 2015-2016? Contact us now at

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