Embracing the Benefits of BYOD

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is transforming the business world by changing the way we use technology in the workplace. BYOD allows businesses and their employees to utilize and have access to data from anywhere in the world on any device. With Internet access, your office becomes the world. Your choice of personal computing device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allows you to securely access company information and applications at all times.

According to Gartner, 70% of mobile professionals will conduct their work on personal smart devices by 2018. This new phenomenon offers countless benefits. Let’s look at them:


BYOD allows for real-time decision-making by offering the ability to keep clients and employees connected anywhere at any time. Technology increases overall productivity already, but recent research shows that employees’ productivity also increases once they have the ability to log on to their corporate email account or workspace whenever or wherever they please. Productivity, efficiency, and performance are all benefits of BYOD. 93% of employees find BYOD to be beneficial to both employees and employers, while 53% of business decision makers acknowledged the fact that it leads to more productive employees.


Security is always of high importance in the business world, so having the right cloud provider is key. Data encryption is one way to ensure that, even as data moves between devices, it will remain protected from outside eyes. HTG Security offers enterprise-grade encryption for client data so your information is constantly safe. Users need to enter login information to access their programs and data and if any devices get misplaced, you have the control to wipe devices remotely. We can help you ease into BYOD to ensure you’re incorporating it in a secure way.

Cost Savings

BYOD has the potential to save businesses money on costly hardware, as they don’t need to provide users with fancy new hardware to get work done. Instead, they can keep basic computers in-house, since all they really need is Internet access, and users can easily work on their own devices from other locations. These personal devices tend to be more up to date and powerful due to consumer preferences. This also saves on power, upgrades, maintenance and more while still leading to quality business operations.


BYOD also refines employee and customer communication. With personal devices, employees can maintain communication, even by holding video conferences, regardless of where they are. The ease of accessing shared documents and other data on personal devices is a great benefit that BYOD brings to a business, allowing users to be more efficient in working with others. You can also boost customer satisfaction with constant communication and updates.

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees tend to do better work. When your employees are comfortable and working off of devices of their choosing, their satisfaction will definitely increase. They also become experts in using those devices. BYOD gives them the opportunity to work however they want to while still being productive consistently. It empowers business users and better uses their strengths.

Our cloud solutions help businesses introduce BYOD effectively, maintaining security while also boosting productivity and mobility. Our Desktop and Office solutions are leading the way, helping organizations embrace a new way of working. Check out the HTG Cloud & IT pages to learn more!


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