Cloud Solves: Limited Access

It’s safe to say that all businesses run into periodic problems and some of these can stagger a business’ growth. Problems including limited access, misplaced IT focus, extremely high costs, poor security, outdated technology, and more can all be hitches for a business. A solution is needed – and fortunately, a solution exists. Cloud computing can solve these common problems. Let’s look deeper at limited access as an example.

Mobility and the constant connection to information have made a huge impact on consumers’ lives. It only makes sense that these efficiencies transfer over to the business world too. 2/3 of organizations today report faster access to technology with cloud computing. Cloud computing’s ubiquitous availability is the reason that limited access is not even a subject for businesses that have made the switch.

With the cloud, you can connect to data and peers in real time, anywhere, anytime. The world becomes your office, as businesses and their users no longer have to be tied down to one place. All applications and data are available to authorized users by simple access to the Internet, which isn’t too tough to find these days. As long as you have a device like a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc., you stay connected and accessibility becomes limitless. According to CIO Magazine, 52% of CIOs plan to increase their spending on enterprise mobility management. Having mobility capabilities increases productivity, and 69% say productivity is the top benefit of cloud computing. Going virtual hands you the opportunity to be more flexible and productive. Cloud computing enables a constant connection to your data and coworkers, allowing it to solve the problems of limited access and poor communication within a business.

With boosted mobility in the cloud, communication becomes just as easy as accessing data. No matter how far away, numerous parties can access the same files in separate locations and in real time, ensuring that communication is ongoing. Accessibility and improved communication lead to great collaboration. 82% say cloud-based collaboration allows for faster executions, which is always something a business strives for. 3/4 see improved service availability too, creating a more innovative, connected and knowledgeable business team.

So, does your business seek a solution for limited access, poor communication or collaboration? Cloud is the answer. Learn more about our Cloud & IT page!


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