Cloud Computing: The Change, The Impact

Cloud computing is changing the way we live and do business. It is quickly being seen as a key to business success. It has impacted the way businesses are run and supplied. Benefits from cost efficiency to security are prevalent with cloud computing, but what about the impact and change it has on day-to-day life?


Social media has impacted how people interact in today’s world. Without knowing it, people use cloud-based communication methods on a day-by-day, hour-by-hour base. Via the Internet, people can easily communicate, check their emails, tell the world about their day, stream videos/movies, and more. The social impact of cloud computing opens up long-distance relationships by enabling simple communication between friends, family, coworkers, partners and others who may live on the opposite side of the world. Reaching people is just easier and faster. Global platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more have helped news travel faster, and businesses can take advantage of these by acting in real time with their audience.

Online Storage

Cloud computing has influenced the way people store their valuable data, photos, music, and much more. Common online software resources like ShareFile, Flickr, and many more make that possible. Instead of relying on a personal flash drive that can go missing at any moment, cloud storage is accessible at any time as long as you have the Internet.


Registering for classes online? Emailing a professor? Taking digital notes? Accessing homework or a syllabus through a Web portal? Anyone doing these activities is an active cloud user. Cloud computing has enabled educational institutions to prosper through the adoption of trends like BYOD. It has impacted the way students take their notes, enroll in classes, and participate in group activities by accessing data anywhere, anytime. Teachers use cloud computing in their role as well, with the ability to upload resources to be accessible to students, track grades and activities online, and access email and data from anywhere.


Healthcare organizations use cloud-based methods as well. Cloud offers the ability to keep patients’ documents in a secure, organized, virtual space, rather than in piles of paperwork that get cluttered and easily lost. Cloud computing has impacted the way patients create appointments by eliminating excessive time and paperwork. Scheduling appointments, making referrals, or completing patient history are all made easier through the cloud. Doctors use cloud computing solutions to manage their patients’ data and securely share it with patients or other medical professionals to check status and follow-ups.

The cloud is extremely prevalent, even for those that haven’t realized it. Cloud computing is part of how we live our daily lives and is key to our daily routines. If it’s that ingrained already, imagine the impact it can have if strategically implemented in your organization. Learn more about our Cloud Services page!


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