Clinton vs Trump – Does Spending More Money = More Effective Marketing?

Some might see this post as controversial but that is not what is intended nor do I provide any sort of political relationship with this post to either party Democratic or Republican.  

What the ultimate focus of this article is today, is whether or not the more money you spend on marketing, does that truly equal greater results?

So let your mind think about this for a minute. How much did your company spend on marketing last year?  What were the results?  Did you achieve your goal which equaled an overall result of increased revenue?

These are all great questions.  In my business, I am very strategic about marketing.  We at HTG spend money on SEO, Social, Technology Expo’s, Email Marketing, Press Releases and other forms of marketing online and in-person that drive us leads that inevitably turn into prospects.  Every company I market to today is also spending money in the same space.  So how competitive is the marketing space?  Does it really take the best commercial or the best radio ad or the top-rated blog to drive quality marketing?  The answer is no.  It takes a consistent message, whether right or wrong, whether controversial or by popular demand to drive a top quality marketing campaign.

So let us refer back to my comment above about Democrats and Republicans and the current state of the 2016 race for President of the United States.  Who would you consider the top marketer?  Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Well, that’s why I am writing this article.  If we rate performance on how much you spend per month or per campaign then Hilary Clinton is crushing Donald Trump in the performance which eventually converts to votes, correct?  

I believe Hilary has spent 340 + Million Dollars of the money raised by her party. (DO NOT HOLD US TO THIS NUMBER AS THIS IS AN APPROXIMATION).  Donald Trump, on the contrary, has only spent 55 + Million Dollars on his campaign.  (DO NOT HOLD US TO THIS NUMBER AS THIS IS AN APPROXIMATION).

Thinking about the above statistic, what will the end result be?  Will Hilary spend more money, increase votes and succeed to become the 2017 President?


Will Donald Trump show the nation that it’s not how much you spend but how close you can get to being impactful on America’s day to day society that successful wins more votes and makes him the 2017 President?

The results of this election are still to come.  Currently, right now, Trump is spending less and winning more votes and towering in the polls, that’s today.  We still do not know what tomorrow has in store for us.

So what is the point of this?  It’s simple.  When defining your corporate marketing strategy think about how you can become impactful within your audience and how your audience will remember you for the future.

Years ago, at my first sales job, a gentleman said to me.  Chris, “What are you going to do today to get the next customer who walks in to buy from you?”  I was 19 and selling boats while I was in college.  I said I don’t know, maybe introduce myself.  Wrong…He said.  He said, “You’re going to flip your name tag upside down and walk up and start talking.”  He said, “Wait till the guy says, hey Chris, I think your name tag is upside down.”  That’s when you introduce yourself. That’s a lot more personable and after you tell him you did it on purpose it becomes emotional. That’s marketing.  Catch their attention, secure a conversation or an audience and then inform them of your skill set.

The above is simple personal marketing and I know it is cheesy but the point is it worked!

So spin this around back into the campaign.  

What is Donald Trump doing differently?

1. Speaks mind whether it is the right or wrong answer.  Result? Asks for forgiveness later.

2. Humanizes himself.

3. Creative without spending money.

What is Hillary Clinton doing differently?

1. Nothing, she is doing the same marketing that all of the previous presidential candidates did.


The point of all this is, be creative and have a strategy.  If your strategy is to spend very little on marketing, then your message needs to be spot on or controversially crazy to get huge results.  On the contrary, if your marketing is robust and budget is large, spend more time on creating a message that drives success and relates to a larger mass.  Don’t just spend millions on talking about your competitor, spend millions on making a difference.

Hope everyone enjoys this article.  I tried to keep this as non-political as possible and more about marketing.


Please let me know your feedback.

Chris Ichelson


Co-Founder of HTG 360


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