Case Study: A Tailor-Made Cloud Solution

The following is a recent case study on a medical rehabilitation company with 13 locations and 200 employees across Central Florida.

The client was working with a local MSP to manage and handle its IT services. With no IT staff, the company had an agreement with the MSP to have a dedicated resource during normal business hours. The resource included voice systems, data, infrastructure, connectivity, and all forms of help-desk support. However, it was limited by normal business hours and was not available 24x7x365. Additionally, the company faced complications with scalability. It was in an expansion phase, yet the on-site infrastructure was unable to properly accommodate this growth. Upper-level management suggested a new, hosted solution that would offer scalability, predictable costs throughout the business’ growth, and a way to receive local IT support.

We were brought into the opportunity and tasked to propose a cloud-based solution to resolve the client’s performance limitations and deliver full IT support, cost efficiency and dependability. The cloud provider presented the client with a fully managed cloud services proposal that not only met and exceeded their full IT requirements but also included a full-time employee, managed by our managed services team. Cloud Engineers did a full analysis of the client’s network and infrastructure on-site, allowing them to build a truly tailor-made cloud solution. The unique solution allowed the medical rehabilitation facility to focus on running the business and continuing expansion, leaving the IT operations and management to our engineering team.

The final cloud solution delivered to the client included CloudDesktop, CloudServer, and CloudMail, as well as 24x7x365 monitoring to ensure the highest level of performance. By replacing the MSP dedicated resource, the client is now able to experience managed cloud solutions that offer many benefits: a 100% uptime SLA, around-the-clock support, full management, scalability, a cost-efficient pay-as-you-go model, patches and upgrades to servers, and much more. The company now experiences on-site support for its connectivity, voice, infrastructure, and help desk needs, in addition to the 24x7x365 support center. There are also scheduled weekly project status calls and monthly trouble ticket reviews between us and the client to ensure the solution is performing and meeting the business’ needs.

We were able to understand and meet the client’s exact needs, designing a cloud solution that not only resolves current issues but also has the ability to grow and evolve alongside the company. This level of dedication is delivered to all clients, regardless of size or industry. By moving to our managed cloud solutions, customers can experience a superior level of support and care, while receiving secure cloud solutions that they can rely on.

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