Business Innovation in the Cloud

Cloud computing is widely recognized as a game changer in the technology world, and executives have changed how they approach technology because of it. The cloud delivers rapid ways to engage with customers and the pace of doing business becomes drastically faster.

Having access to vast amounts of storage and computing power on demand drives innovation for businesses of all sizes. According to a survey conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value, 16% percent of businesses are using the cloud as a tool to innovate.

A virtual platform enables businesses to rapidly develop and distribute, and ultimately experiment and innovate more. It creates a foundation of flexibility that taps into next-generation systems to operate email, social networking or collaboration with employees, partners, and customers. Innovation begins when production is a creative use of critical data that companies collect internally and externally.

The cloud enables business models to transform quickly by introducing opportunities like Bring Your Own Device to the playing field. There’s a vast opportunity to connect anywhere at any time with any device. BYOD allows businesses to save money by giving employees the opportunity to use their own device to complete work regardless of their location. Mobile is a major opportunity for innovation, and it influences the connection between both customers and employees.

Another way that clouds computing encourages business innovation is that it offers a platform of tech experimentation that releases corporate IT budgets from being tied up in maintenance. Instead, they can be turned to more of the production aspects of a business. Businesses can save money and time, all at once.

The cloud tends to be initially adopted for efficiency and cost-saving purposes, but it also lays a foundation for innovative serendipity. It enables connections in order for businesses to collaborate and share knowledge. The cloud has emerged as a powerful source of innovation and can be used for much more.

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