Business Benefits of Security Solutions for Next-Generation Datacenters

Security solutions for next-generation data centers must enable organizations to generate maximum business value from their investments in these data centers. This requires that such security solutions drive value by being integrated, policy-based, robust, agile, and scalable. Well-designed and well-implemented security solutions with these characteristics create value by saving time and effort for management and provisioning of security solutions, by reducing the operational and business impact of security threats, and by ensuring that security does not inhibit the data center’s ability to support and drive the business. Thus, such security solutions enable next-generation datacenters by being:

Integrated for efficiencies and reduced risk. Security products that integrate both with solutions supporting organizations’ traditional data center environments and with other security products being used in the next-generation data center environment generate time savings and reduce risk. This occurs as integration minimizes the time security teams must spend redoing policies, breaks down costly and inefficient IT security silos, and reduces the time during which applications and services are exposed to potential security threats.

Simplified to ease the burden of management. Security products in next-generation data centers are employed in environments that rely on automation and orchestration. To fit within such an environment, security products should also be policy based to enable their provisioning as a service. This not only supports the overall architecture of next-generation datacenters but also increases the productivity of IT security staffs when they spend less time on hands-on administration and management of security settings, configuration, and deployments.

Robust capabilities to minimize the impact of security threats. Security products in next-generation data centers must provide a full spectrum of security capabilities with coverage for all traffic entering, leaving, and be moving within the datacenter. This helps organizations minimize the user and business impact of security threats, giving productive time back to users and keeping business disruptions to a minimum.

Agility and scalability to support the business through applications. Next-generation data centers are configured to enable business operations by speeding up application development cycles and easing the burden of managing applications. To support this objective, security products need to be deployable on an as-needed basis and in the minimum time possible to support efforts to speed the time to market for applications and services.


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