5 Steps to Business Agility

Every industry is subject to disruption.  Only a truly agile business is equipped to respond correctly.  So how do you build an Agile and Lean Business Environment?  Well, you are not the only one scratching their head around this shift in thinking….Below are 5 steps to creating an Agile and Lean Environment.

5 Steps to Business Agility

-Enterprise Scale Agile and Lean Thinking – Use agility within your IT department to gain a competitive advantage.

-Agile Planning, Work Sequencing, and DevOps – Deliver the most valuable, smallest pieces of work rapidly to customers.  Look at the delivery process holistically and deploy consistently.  (You could leverage the net promoter score model)

-Agile Portfolio Management –  Consider the total life cycle ( the process of thinking, developing, funding, allocating…etc..) when you think about doing anything differently.  You could also look up at the ratio between the funding decisions and the value the decision brings.

-Full Value Stream Agility – Constantly amplify the opportunities you are vested in.  Make sure you are leveraging the full value of each improvement.  Confirm with your business and customer base that you are delivering what they wanted.

-Business Agility – Sense and Respond by adopting a lean thinking n thought your business.  Create what you feel is threatening levels of transparency and delegate decision making from top to bottom.

Cost of Delay

What’s the risk of waiting?  Even a small increase in agility will net big improvements.  Below are just a few real financial rewards….

-10% cost savings in the first year
-10% better quality, 10% fewer customer impacting incidents
-10% better visibility in risk and gaps
-10% more customer engagements
-10% more innovation
-10% faster improvements in speed to revenue
-10% increase in predictability
-10% faster response time

Just changing or shifting your thinking will reap big rewards.  So what is your true cost? HTG can help you define this….

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