Virtual vs. In-House Servers

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a cloud computing solution that provides virtualized computing resources, such as servers, storage, power and more, via the Internet. Server virtualization has been a popular solution for IT. It provides efficiencies and capabilities that aren’t possible with a physical server setup. Scalability, the elimination of major hardware investments, location independence, and physical security are all benefits of IaaS.

If you’re eager to get into the virtualization game, here are some benefits of virtual vs. in-house servers, as well as an overview of our IaaS solution:

In-House vs. Virtual Servers

With in-house servers, infrastructure is located within a company, and that company is responsible for the management, maintenance, upgrades, refreshes, applications, and more. In-house servers give an organization physical control over their environment, but they add a lot more responsibility, costs, and vulnerabilities.

In-house servers require a sizable capital investment on all equipment and software, as well as the upgrades and refreshes. And after reaching server capacity, you have to purchase more hardware, which makes growth tough. Having in-house servers is also more vulnerable, leading to security breaches or irreversible harm from natural disasters. It would be essential to have an IT professional to continuously watch over in-house servers that are carrying sensitive company data. This takes away valuable time, not allowing IT to focus more of their talents on strategic business projects. Instead, they end up spending their time fixing bugs and updating resources.

When you move to a virtual server environment, your in-house responsibilities are shifted over to the cloud computing provider, like HTG. You’re relieved of the stress of managing the infrastructure. Virtual servers offer a scalable solution that can be modified according to your demands. Your in-house investment becomes negligible, and you’ll find you’re enjoying flexibility and agility due to on-demand capacity. Hardware, human resources, and energy savings are a few of the things to look forward to in the virtual world. With a virtual server solution offered by a reliable provider like HTG, you’ll also experience enterprise-grade security. With 24x7x365 reliable support, your IT team can focus on value-added tasks instead of fixing equipment.
Rather than purchasing servers, software, data center space and network equipment yourself, you have the ability to purchase those resources as a fully outsourced service – for example, with our IaaS solution.

Infrastructure as a Service

With HTG’s IaaS, the benefits are huge. IaaS eliminates capital expenses that are typically dedicated to equipment and maintenance by moving you to an Operating Expense (OpEx) model with virtual, enterprise-level servers. This saves a business a significant amount of money. There’s also no need to worry about managing your own servers, as HTG’s team takes care of that for you by installing, maintaining and ultimately managing all your infrastructure, including your applications and security. HTG has implemented leading firewalls to protect your critical files. With a full-scale, 24x7x365 monitoring team as an option, HTG’s IaaS solution offers a worry-free guarantee, a team that has your back, and market-leading technology to power your business.

Want to learn more about our Infrastructure as a Service offering? Visit our IaaS page, and reach out to us with questions or to get started today!


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